We will guide you through the process of buying and selling a house explaining all the steps involved in plain English.  We will invariably be able to work to a fixed fee so you will know exactly how much you will need to pay.  Please call us to get your personalised quote.

We can assist with all aspects of conveyancing:-

  • Buying and selling houses and flats
  • Re-mortgages
  • Buying and selling all types of commercial properties
  • Business Leases – Shops and other Business Leases
  • Equity Releases

Conveyancing Department

Chris Baker – Partner

Stephen West – Partner

Karen Brown – Conveyancing Executive

Toni Hollow – Conveyancing Executive


Fixed Fees



 Up to £180,000.00                              £600.00

  1. Up to £210,000.00                              £650.00
  2. Up to £250,000.00                              £700.00
  3. Up to £350,000.00                              £800.00
  4. Up to £500,000.00                              £900.00
  5. Up to £750,000.00                              £1,000.00
  6. Up to £1,000,000.00                           £1200.00

In addition to the above charges (to which VAT at the prevailing rate must be added) we will make a charge of £50.00 plus VAT for the redemption of each mortgage on a property and £100.00 plus VAT for dealing with a new mortgage.

We will also add an uplift of £250.00 plus VAT for dealing with a Leasehold property or £300.00 plus VAT if a new Leasehold property and a further sum which will be a minimum of £200.00 plus VAT (depending on the complexity of the matter) for dealing with a newbuild.

In respect of Re-mortgages the fee will now be £500.00 plus VAT (an additional £50.00 plus VAT for the redemption of each mortgage).

Additional charges and disbursements may apply for Bank Transfers, Statutory Declarations, Bespoke Indemnity Insurance Policies, Deeds of Trust and other such matters.

Disbursements will be incurred and will vary depending on the charges we incur from the various providers.


At DB Law hourly charging rates for our residential conveyancers range between £150.00 and £198.00 per hour depending on the experience and qualifications of your representative. In saying that it is usual for our residential conveyancing charges to be based on a sliding scale separately available on our website. Hourly rates may become relevant if matters become long and complicated or in case of abortive transactions (though discounts for abortive transactions are usually offered). Residential conveyancing services are offered from each of our four offices.

Disbursements applicable to residential conveyancing transactions differ depending on the part of the country in which a property is purchased. We record here the disbursements usually appropriate to properties in our locality:

  • Sale transactions:


While we will usually pay your estate agent on your behalf, your charges will of course depend on your own agreement with them. It is not a duty of the solicitor to send such payments but we will do so to help with you and your agent.

Disbursements payable on our fees would usually include only the purchase of copy documents from the Land Registry or land charges department. In most cases the cost of doing so are in the region of £10.00. Other disbursements can arise such as indemnity insurance policies which we would need to source from a number of providers. We do try to obtain the best quotation possible for out clients. For “off the peg” indemnity policies on average value properties policies can range between a little over £10.00 up to £150.00 or £200.00. This depends on the risk which of course we cannot predict in advance. In most cases indemnity insurance would not be required in any event and the only occasions they would be is if the clients have conducted work at the property which is not properly authorised or if there was a defect in the title dating back to when the clients purchased.

In addition bank charges may be payable for transferring monies though the banking system. These are charges at £20.00 administration fee and a £15.00 disbursement to which VAT needs to be added giving a total of £42.00.

  • Purchase transactions:


Disbursements in purchase transactions are usually more than in property sales. They include the pre-exchange searches such as the local authority, mining, environmental and planning ad water searches. These will very often cost in the region of £400.00 which figure includes VAT.

Search costs vary according to the local councils and which search provider we use.

Pre-completion searches in connection with the purchase would usually cost no more than £10.00. Bank Transfer Fees will be payable as detailed above.

Land registration fees are payable according to the Land Registration Fee Order which is available online.

Stamp Duty Land Tax will also be payable according to the prevailing rate.

If you require further advice in respect of these matters please feel free to contact any of our offices.